Sunday, December 14, 2008

what's the matter ?

Wonder what's up with me recently. I'm probably suffering from home sick. Wanted to go ikea today but didnt. Gave up Zouk out tickets. Instead, i was baking cookies and watching channel 5's movie for late sat night - Harry Potter. One of my favourite movies but still, it's a lil abnormal.

So touched of Fish, Esther and Peggy! Even going JB, they still think of me :D Showered me with gifts and candies. Happy happy! Headed to Starbucks to meet them up straight after their trip.

Will update more on SIM group outing last friday with i get the photos! :)

flash back on the childhood!

Headed to the Singapore Zoo with Esther and Peggy!

Well, they all say if u haven't been to the zoo means you have no childhood. Which means, i have no childhood -_- Mummy says i've been there once when i was a baby so i totally have no memories of it. Heeh. It's nice to have a flash back but no more second time for me.

why? look at the queue :( i hate to wait . awww.

Here comes the pictures of the animals! So busy taking pictures of them until we forgot about take photos of ourselves . Talking about being amused by animals.

But somehow, i feel sad for these animals locked up in the boundary. They belong in the wild with lots of freedom. Nothing is fair i guess, if there isn't a zoo people would not have knowledge about animals and that won't do. Pity pity.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

happy little girl !

A big thank you for my friends who put in so much effort for my birthday!

Surprises at Starbucks !

Esther baby tried super hard keeping me in the dark for hours. HAHA.

Thanks kiaty!

Yummy cake and happy me :)

What a pleasant surprise to see them there! heeh. Happy spending the birthday with their companies ! Yingrui and Jo came down specially for me with an awfully chocolate cake. Yummm~

Super nice cake right? i know i know :)

Another super nice birthday cake from RS. SMILES :)

The shades is for the sleepy eyes i have :(

It's ugly to spoil the cake by eating it this way but nevertheless, it still taste super yummy. love ice cream !

Thanks for coming down all the way to my house for my birthday during midnight!

with a cute present too :)

Surprise to see the post man with this at my door! Thanks Mr tang :)

A random picture of a super cute cookie bought by a super cute person ;P

Never miss out a day with my girls and i'm :) with the effort of them celebrating my birthday for me despite busy schedules. Heeh

Steamboat at Bugis!

Presents makes my day! :)

Headed off to Party world! We never stop singing do we?

Ph was so nice to buy me a lychee martini cake! She remembered its my favourite drink. Ha. Unique!

special thanks to Whit, Adeline, Steph and Szeman for this prezzy ! It's perfume. heeh

Thoughtful Ph got me a Guess Hp chain that matches my phone so well . loved it.

And of course, from my dearest weeteng!

a sweet note too

Mummy Jesslyn drove all the way to my house to pass me this prezzy! So touched she actually remembers my birthday. Thanks loads Jess!

Not forgetting, a cute card made by my niece and ang baos! Thanks cous Regina and 3rd aunt :)

Thanks a million or a billion to all my friends! Really appreciate it! Although i didnt want to celebrate it, but you guys makes great surprises :) Now i wish everyday was my birthday. Heeh heeh. Sincerely touched. Loves

Saturday, November 29, 2008

happy happy girl today!

I'm a happy girl today! Went for birthday meal at HOOKED. Thanks Esther, Fish and Rs :)

What could be better than a present with flowers? smiles.

Thanks a million Rs! But u still owe me ice cream for losing ^^

We were all famished and forgot to take photos of ourselves. The food looks a lil werid on photos too -_- Must be the lighting:p

Esther's dish looks so not appealing so none of us actually tried it. Heeh

it's a love love day:D

Thursday, November 27, 2008

it's no doubt dresses makes girls happy!

Headed to town this evening for shopping of Whit's present and i'm happy with what i've found for her. Heeh Heeh. Will take pictures of it when i give it to her. And... my title says it all :) Happy!

Thanks loads Baby Esther and Fish! Super love my birthday prezzy from them. Unique dresses makes my day i guess :)

Can't see the prints? No worries :)

I'm having two practicals tmr. Awww. Gonna be a tiring morning for me.

am touched and happy :)

First of all, I got to complain about making SSDC my second home this month! Seems so long to complete all the lessons and i'm getting super impatient :( But I've got no choice. It's tiring but i'm sure it'll be all over soon.

Today's Whitney's birthday.

Happy Birthday Whitney! May all your wishes come true :)
We'll celebrate with her on Sat. Heeh

Guess what made me so happy today? My second birthday present from my brother, sister in law and georgia all the way from Aus :) Am extremely touched for the effort.

It was nicely wrapped even which such small sized item. Came along with a card of course.

Time to unwrap the present! Wooo. Make up from Stila. Nice. Love it. Thanks a million Ge and family.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

filled with love

Daddy has always been this punctual for my birthday gifts. Thanks a million.

love love :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Next up....

1. Ktv sessions with my SIM kiddos.

2. Early celebration for Whit's birthday

Here comes my updates !

Halloween at Gotham!

why Gotham right?! Cause everywhere was freaking full on that night so left with no choice :( But it wasn't so disappointing after all, at least i'm not in sauna. Heeh heeh. What matters is the company, thanks guys !

Trick or treats? heeh.

The crowd seems to be in da mood!

Two spidermans in a night.

Happy halloween guys!

Never miss out the candid shot.

Finally, a proper picture for the night.

Halloween day 2 and my dearest Yingrui's 19th birthday at Arena.

I'm getting to see Yingrui less and less often now, haven't manage to pass the belated birthday present to her :(

Chilling out night @ Cafe Delma

Family trip to Genting !

love those cousins of mine !

Never miss out the candid shots. Heeh

Will update more photos when i am not lazy to scan in the photos:P

Happy birthday to Piggy!

Hope she enjoyed the super chocolatety cake Fish, whit and me bought:)

Only seem to have the photo of the cake, will upload the rest when Whit does from her camera! ( you know what to do whitney! )

Dinner at Curry Favor @ Novena Square.

Thank you wk for the dinner ! Headed to Safra for Ktv after.